Thanks to the support of the State and the patronage of the Norac Group, the City of Rennes has acquired the model of the equestrian statue of Louis XIV, sculpted by Antoine Coysevox and recognized as of major heritage interest, worth 2.37 million euros.

This bronze reduction of the statue is temporarily on display at the Louvre Museum for three months, until September 5, 2022, Cour Puget, as part of the presentation of the news of the Sculpture Department, entitled «Invitation to the Musée des beaux-arts de Rennes: An equestrian statuette of Louis XIV by Antoine Coysevox». In September 2022, it will definitively join the collections of the Museum of Fine Arts of Rennes, where are preserved since the 19th century the two reliefs of the pedestal executed by Coysevox in 1693 for the original monument.