"Your mouth is the burning wound of courage," wrote Private Guillaume Apollinaire to his Lou.

Attractive and formidable, threatening and salutary, courage is an essential ally of poets. To explore ever more the limits of language, to express all the beauty or darkness of our condition, all must face the perilous vertigo of creation. As the word of life, poetry is an ever-reaffirmed victory over inertia and renunciation.

By showcasing Courage, the Spring of Poets celebrates the power of poetry to open new horizons, to chart new paths. Once again this year, many readers and spectators will be inspired by these bold and precious words.

Thank you to those who will spread the poetry throughout France throughout this fortnight, and especially Sandrine Bonnaire who does us the honor of being the sponsor of this festive event.

I wish you all a very beautiful Spring of Poets.

Franck Riester, Minister of Culture