This first contract of objectives and means from France Médias Monde marks the completion of a long period of change and uncertainty experienced by the audiovisual industry outside France.

It symbolizes the renewal of a company to the organization finally stabilized, under the presidency of Marie-Christine Saragosse. France Médias Monde is now in a battle to face the growing competition from international media while respecting the identity of its antennas.

In fact, within the framework of a single legal entity but with autonomous editors, the new management has implemented its editorial strategy aimed at reaffirming the distinct and complementary identities of the three media of France Médias Monde.

This organization puts the richness and diversity of these media at the service of a common mission, that of the influence of France and its values throughout the world.

The COM is the fruit of a renewed dialogue and a concerted and participatory reflection between the management of society and the State. In a context of participation in the effort to correct the public accounts, it was nevertheless decided to grant France Médias Monde the necessary means,

- on the one hand, to enrich their programme grids to make them international reference media,

- and on the other hand, the consolidation of branches in the priority areas of influence, namely the Maghreb, sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East.

This choice reflects the support and confidence of the Ministry of Culture in the strategy proposed by the new management of France Médias Monde, both ambitious and realistic.

With this contract, the company agrees with the State on the following objectives:

– reaffirm the editorial identities of RFI, France 24 and Monte Carlo Doualiya on the basis of common values;

– define the distribution and marketing objectives, geographical area by geographical area, after analysing the current positions of each of the three branches;

– develop a global presence of all three media on all broadcasting media, including those enabled by new technologies and digital uses;

– build a group that values its antennas and employees, while continuing to adapt the organization to the company’s new strategy

This COM also plans to strengthen the presence of France Médias Monde’s offices in metropolitan France. A broadcast in France aims to improve the international awareness of these media, among foreign visitors passing through France, but also towards French audiences turned towards the international, which could, why not, contribute to raising the profile of France Médias Monde during their travels abroad.

The company’s specifications were modified at the beginning of 2014 to allow France 24 to be broadcast on DTT in mainland France, in the Ile-de-France region.

I am pleased to announce that I will be requesting in the coming days from the Conseil supérieur de l'audiovisuel the priority allocation of a frequency on the multiplex called “Multi 7”, to allow the broadcasting of France 24 in Ile-de-France in French, 24 hours a day. This distribution will strengthen the wealth of the offer offered to Ile-de-France residents by offering them this wise look at the entire planet.

In a peaceful social climate, this COM also aims to build a structure more respectful of its employees, with the highlight being the negotiation with the social partners of a global company agreement.

I would also like to highlight the strong commitment proposed by the management of France Médias Monde to the defence and promotion of gender equality, both on its antennae and in its organization. 

Finally, this COM brings France Médias Monde to participate in the coherence of public audiovisual policy through the search for cooperation, exchanges and partnerships with other public audiovisual organizations, through the signing of cooperation agreements.

You will agree that this first COM of France Médias Monde is an excellent COM, a clear and ambitious strategic roadmap, and I congratulate all the teams of the company, and all those of the State who contributed to its writing.