Following the thirteen twinning agreements between major cultural institutions and priority safety zones in Paris (ZSP) signed on July 12, by Audrey Azoulay, Minister of Culture and Communication, and Patrick Kanner, Minister of the City, Jean-François Carenco, Prefect of the Île-de-France region and Prefect of Paris, today signed eight new conventions to enable the inhabitants of the ZSP to fully participate in and experience the culture.

This is the bet we are making: bringing culture closer to those who are far from it, giving them to see another possible through art, culture and creators, but at the same time, learn from the richness that these neighbourhoods offer us and respond to the aspirations of youth in all their diversity” underlined Audrey Azoulay, Minister of Culture and Communication.

Conventions to involve ZSP in artistic careers

The objective of the EPC/ZSP twinning is to give cultural institutions the opportunity to invent specific actions for the inhabitants of these neighborhoods, to bet on artistic adventures that share with the populations, emotion and cultural requirement, strengthening their sense of belonging to the Republic. It is also a matter of making the public, especially the youngest, involved in cultural processes. Of course, this original approach is undertaken in full confidence with the mayors of the municipalities and districts concerned.

Eight new conventions

Eight new cultural institutions, such as the Grand Palais, the Musée d'Orsay, the Basilica of Saint-Denis and Radio France, responded to the call of the prefect of the Île-de-France region, Jean-François Carenco, to open up to an audience far away from culture and ensure that all can express themselves through it.

Implementation of the first thirteen agreements

More than six months after the first agreements were signed, projects began to emerge and young people gradually took ownership of the culture. It is a success, as evidenced by the choreographed Versailles experiment, which set up dance workshops and guided tours for the benefit of the inhabitants of Mureaux.

Download the list of pairing agreements