The Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Culture and Communication are publishing today a guide of recommendations on the theme Manage the safety and security of cultural events and sites » written by the prefect Hubert Weigel.


This good practice guide for organizers of cultural events of all kinds and their organisations aims to reinforce the security measures for which they are the guarantors, as the season of festivals and major artistic and cultural events of the summer begins.


The result of a collective work carried out under the aegis of the General Secretariat for Defence and National Security, it was organized around four working groups formed according to the type of place (places totally closed, events in the open but in closed places, events with right of way on the public road, heritage buildings). Almost a hundred people contributed to the writing of this document, from the departments of the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Culture and Communication as representative organizations of professionals.


This practical guide proposes a method, data sheets, a self-assessment questionnaire and Vade-Mecum. It makes it possible to have precise tools taking into account the specificities of cultural events.


This document complements the measures taken by the Ministry of Culture and Communication to strengthen the safety of festivals and its public establishments. Indeed, 73 jobs were created in 2017 to strengthen the security of national cultural public institutions, which also benefit from €14 million including €5 million from the interdepartmental fund for the prevention of delinquency for their security. In 2017, the emergency fund for concert halls and festivals created in the wake of the Bataclan events will be strengthened by €4 million by the State, for a total amount of €18 million since November 2015.

Couverture du guide "Gérer la sûreté et la sécurité des événements et sites culturels"