Françoise Nyssen, Minister of Culture, welcomes the unanimous inscription on the UNESCO World Heritage List of Taputapuātea and Strasbourg, Grande-Île and Neustadt at the 41st session of the World Heritage Committee in Krakow, Poland from 2 July to 12 July 2017.

Taputapuātea is an exceptional sacred landscape located in French Polynesia on the island of Ra'iatea. At the heart of the property is the entire marae Taputapuātea, a political, ceremonial, funerary and religious center. Its reading allows to recount the expansion of the Polynesian peoples across the Pacific Ocean, their organization and their spiritual and cosmological relationship to the natural elements and the space which still today, illustrate the ability to adapt, innovation and resilience of human beings and societies to overcome constraints long considered insurmountable.

Strasbourg, Grande-Île and Neustadt is a bid to extend the Neustadt area of the Strasbourg – Grande-Île property inscribed on the World Heritage List in 1988. This urban ensemble characteristic of Rhineland Europe, structured around the cathedral, a major masterpiece of Gothic art, composes an exceptional urban scene representative of a truly European city culture.

Françoise Nyssen would like to warmly thank the World Heritage Committee, the holders of these applications and the State services that accompanied them to the greatest benefit of these territories and their inhabitants.

These two new inscriptions bring to forty-three the number of French properties recognized as UNESCO World Heritage.