Françoise Nyssen brought together the representative organisations of the film sector for the signing of two professional agreements provided for in the law of 7 July 2016. These agreements establish, for the first time, a standard reporting format for production and operating accounts.

Immediately after the signatures were collected, the Minister extended the agreements by decree to the entire sector.

Thanks to the agreements, rights holders will now benefit from a detailed and regular return of the revenues and costs generated by the production and distribution of films. These refunds will also be sent to the film’s financial partners, as well as to the performers and technicians.

At the end of the day, it’s the whole revenue-raising process that becomes more secure, more transparent, for the benefit of the creators and all those who have been involved in financing or making a film.   A virtuous circle is starting, which will accelerate the remuneration of rights holders, increase confidence in the sector, strengthen solidarity among all actors in the value chain, and attract new investments ” says Nyssen.

I salute the constructive spirit that led to the successful conclusion of the agreements, and thank all stakeholders: authors, agents, producers, distributors, video publishers and international vendors.”

The law of 7 July 2016 provides that the CNC will carry out audits of production and operating accounts, in order to ensure the effective application of the agreements relating to transparency.