Practicing an artistic discipline, being in contact with the works, participating in cultural activities are all ways to handle and appropriate a language, the mastery of which in turn promotes access to culture as a whole.

Also, and because of the success of the national call for projects «Action culturelle et langue française», launched in June 2015* following the Interdepartmental Committee on Equality and Citizenship (CIEC) On March 6, 2015, the Minister of Culture and Communication decided to renew this operation in 2017.

This call for projects should make it possible, through experiences of artistic and cultural practices, to strengthen the capacity of expression in French. It is aimed in particular at young people in a situation of linguistic fragility in activities outside school time, young people aged 16 to 25 without qualifications and without work, people for whom French is not a mother tongue, people in illiteracy, detainees and young people in the youth justice system.

Two main types of projects are likely to be supported:

- local projects that put cultural action devices (public reading – libraries, media libraries, performing arts, speech arts, access to heritage, cinema, media and digital practices...) French language skills for the target audiences;

- projects that provide the networks of culture, integration, training, justice, the social and socio-educational field, training tools or intervention kits, easily transferable to other contexts.

Several ministries (Interior, Justice, City, Overseas) participate in this process of general interest which contributes to making live article 1 of the law of 4 August 1994 : “As a language of the Republic under the Constitution, the French language is a fundamental element of France’s personality and heritage.”