The 14th edition of «Rendez-vous aux jardins» confirms public interest in gardens Every year, for a weekend, «Rendez-vous aux jardins» is an opportunity to access gardens that are usually closed to the public. From June 3 to 5, 2,200 gardens representing the wealth and diversity of an exceptional green heritage, both historical and contemporary, welcomed lovers of greenery, flowers and walks.

The Minister of Culture and Communication, Audrey Azoulay, welcomes the commitment of all the actors of this operation and wishes to thank the many private and public owners who contributed to the success of this new edition, despite sometimes difficult weather conditions. The Minister extends a special thought to the owners of gardens damaged by the floods, expressing the hope that they will regain their integrity as soon as possible.

Among the 3,500 activities on offer, many guided tours, demonstrations of know-how, and workshops were organized by passionate and involved guides, offering a valuable moment of discovery and learning to the public. Whether they are landscapers, gardeners, sometimes gardeners of art, or owners, these trainers of a day were able to communicate their knowledge, the memory of gestures and these fragile places.

This «Rendez-vous aux jardins» is also a time of exchange and awareness of the art of gardens, especially for children. The Minister of Culture welcomes, in this perspective, the many gardens (more than 900) that opened on Friday and reserved specific animations for the school public.

This year, the theme was given to colors. Thus, visitors could stroll through the gardens of painters like those of Auguste RenoirouMaurice Denis. This year also saw the exceptional participation of the network of botanical gardens of France and francophone countries, privileged places to discover the world of plants, their use, the necessary conservation of endangered plant species and biodiversity. Their educational mission is paramount.

The remarkable gardens, Always promising interest, have also seduced many curious. The label, established in 2004 by the Ministry of Culture and Communication, distinguishes gardens and parks, old and contemporary, particularly well maintained and welcoming to the public. 418 parks and gardens, public or private, benefit from this distinction today.

The 15th The theme of the event, on 2, 3 and 4 June 2017, will be “Sharing”: sharing spaces for gardening, seeds and plants, but also sharing knowledge, know-how and moments of pleasure and discovery.

The Ministry of Culture and Communication would like to thank all of its partners.

The Rendez-vous aux jardins are organized by the Ministry of Culture and Communication and implemented by the regional directorates of cultural affairs, in collaboration with the Centre des monuments nationaux, the Comité des parcs et jardins de France, the Historic House, the Old French Houses, the Cities and Countries of Art and History, and the National Council of Parks and Gardens.

L'Unep-les entreprises du paysage, Rustica, France 5, Autoroute Info 107.7, Radio Vinci Autoroutes 107.7 and Sanef 107.7 are loyal supporters of the event.


  • Significant attendance:
    • Jardin des plantes de Nantes, Loire-Atlantique: 10,000 visitors
    • Le petit Jard in Châlons-en-Champagne, Marne: 1,817 visitors
    • Centre horticole municipal de La Rochelle, Charente-Maritime: 1,700 visitors
    • Parc du château de Bouthéon, Andrézieux- Bouthéon, Loire: 1,027 visitors
    • Domaine de Trévarez in Saint-Goazec, Finistère: 1,900 visitors
    • Chédigny Gardens, Indre-et-Loire: 700 visitors
    • Milelli Estate in Ajaccio, Corsica: 900 visitors
    • Water garden in Goyave, Guadeloupe: 500 visitors
    • Domaine national de Saint-Germain-en-Laye, Yvelines: 9,000 visitors
    • Jardin de l'Habitation Clément, Martinique: 600 visitors
    • Giverny Impressionism Museum Garden, Eure: 2,809 visitors
    • Gardens of the Augustinian cloister in Toulouse, Haute-Garonne: 1,250 visitors
    • Gardens of the Royal Ice Factory in Saint-Gobain, Aisne: 550 visitors
    • Domaine départemental de la Garenne Lemot, Gétigné-Clisson, Loire-Atlantique: 700 visitors
    • Salagon Gardens, Alpes de Haute-Provence: 1,750 visitors
    • Villa Arnaga Garden in Cambo-les-Bains, Pyrénées-Atlantiques: 4,500 visitors
  • More than 400 exceptionally open gardens including some for the first time:
    • Garden of the Hotel de Matignon, Paris 7e : 2,700 visitors 
    • New garden rose garden at Toul City Hall, Meurthe-et-Moselle: 1,000 visitors
    • Perrusson villa gardens in Ecuisses, Saône-et-Loire: 1,500 visitors
    • Edouard Guénon Park: 600 visitors in the garden offered by the Korean government to the city of Lons-le-Saunier, Jura
    • Peach walls and garden on the side of brown rocks in Montreuil, Seine-Saint-Denis: 480 visitors
    • Trails of abundance in the Alpilles Regional Natural Park, Eygalières, Bouches-du-Rhône: 100 visitors (two guided tours)
    • Emotions garden in Epinac, Saône-et-Loire: 500 visitors
  • Activities dedicated to schools and young audiences:
    • Garden of the Hotel de Matignon in Paris 7e : 900 pupils (Friday)
    • Bayonne municipal greenhouses, Pyrénées-Atlantiques: 340 schoolchildren (Friday)
    • Jardin botanique de Sedan, Ardennes: 13 classes or 284 school classes (Friday)
    • Massey Garden in Tarbes, Hautes-Pyrénées: 400 schoolchildren (Friday)
    • Château d'Eu gardens, Seine-Maritime: 250 schoolchildren (Friday)
    • Jardin de la Fontaine in Nîmes, Gard: 570 children
    • River Garden in Bordeaux, Gironde: 100 children
  • The «colors of the garden» theme of this 14th editing:
    • Garden of the Maurice Denis Museum in Saint-Germain-en-Laye, Yvelines: 450 visitors
    • Eugène Delacroix Garden in Paris 6: 1,275 visitors
    • Workshops of the medicinal garden of the Murat habitat, Guadeloupe: 621 participants
    • Garden of Villa Arson, Alpes-Maritimes: 350 participants
    • Garance Color Garden in Lauris, Vaucluse: 300 participants
    • Camifolia Garden in Chemillé-Melay, Maine-et-Loire: 380 participants
    • Jardins de Saint-Jean de Beauregard, Essonne: 200 visitors
  • Parks and jArdins labeled remarkable gardens:
    • Sceaux Park, Hauts-de-Seine: 2000 visitors
    • Garden of the Château du Grand Jardin in Joinville, Haute-Marne: 850 visitors
    • Jardin du Pellinec, Côtes-d'Armor: 400 visitors
    • Boutiguery Garden, Finistère: 415 visitors
    • Arboretum de la Vallée-aux-Loups, Hauts-de-Seine: 130 visitors
    • Jardin de la ferme Bleue in Uttenhoffen, Bas-Rhin: 187 visitors
    • Philosopher’s Garden in Boersch, Bas-Rhin: 115 visitors
    • Parc des Roches in Bourmont, Haute-Marne: 420 visitors
    • Garden of the domain of Orvès, Var: 200 people
  • Course urban and discovery circuits:
    • Tour in the gardens of Saint-Pair-sur-Mer, Manche: 350 walkers
    • Tour in 24 gardens of the city of Cahors, Lot: 5,000 visitors
    • Bike tour of the gardens of Mulhouse, Haut-Rhin: 50 participants
    • Visit to the gardens of downtown Ivry-sur-Seine, Val de Marne: 40 participants
    • Tour of 9 gardens in Couture-sur-Loir, Loir-et-Cher: 1,000 visitors
    • Villefranche Gardens and other municipalities of the Pays d'art et d'histoire des Bastides du Rouergue, Aveyron: 1,000 participants
  • The network of botanical gardens in France : more than 3,000 visitors to the 14 participating gardens àNice, Bordeaux,Besançon, Nancy, Sedan, Clermont-Ferrand, Caen, La Gacilly, La Réunion, Lille, Lyon, Nancy, Nogent-sur-Vernisson and Tourcoing…


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