As part of the movement "General Brotherhood!", the Ministry of Culture and Communication and the National Theatre of La Colline are proposing an international symposium open to the public entitled: What good are poets in times of need? Monday 7th November at 8 pm.

It is around this question asked by Friedrich Hölderlin, in his Elegies, that philosophers, filmmakers, historians and authors are invited to debate at two round tables in La Colline – national theatre.

The meeting aims to examine the possible links between culture and democracy. From a target, can culture become a remedy? How do the arts and society respond in times of distress? Can culture still be a force or even a counterpoint to the fragility of our democracies? What roles can creation and thought play in rebuilding democratic space?

With the participation of Olivier Assayas, Hourya Bentouhami, Michel Deguy, Laurence Bertrand Dorléac, Joseph Cohen, Cynthia Fleury, Fréderic Gros, Yannick Haenel, Julia Kristeva, Achille Mbembe, Todd Shepard and Wajdi Mouawad.

Symposium moderated by Sylvain Bourmeau and Thierry Grillet, accompanied by three students: Yassine Ben Abdallah, Donatien Chateigner and Chloé Rochereuil.

The debates will be broadcast live on the social networks of La Colline – Théâtre national and the Ministry of Culture and Communication.

More information: http://www.colline.en/en/evenements

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