After a first opinion of the Commission for the Classification of Cinematographic Works advocating a ban on under-18s with warning of the film «Salafistes», directors François Margolin and Lemine Ould Salem wanted to modify their film and therefore apply for a new visa. This version was transmitted yesterday in the middle of the day, so the committee met that evening.

It again, by a large majority, voted in favour of a ban on under-18s with a warning.

Given the bias of broadcasting scenes and speeches of extreme violence without comment, I decided to follow the advice of the commission. As Minister of Culture and Communication, my role in issuing the visa for the exploitation of any cinematographic work is to respect the work of the author who is solely responsible for his work, while always bearing in mind the necessary protection of young people.

This film will therefore be banned for those under 18, with a warning. The visa is being issued.

Extract from the Commission’s opinion:

The Classification Commission brings together diverse viewpoints and sensitivities, including film professionals, humanities experts, government officials and representatives of the youth community.

She explained her opinion: Prohibition to minors under the age of 18 with a warning. This film, which gives over its entire duration and exclusively to Salafist leaders, does not allow in a clear way to criticize violently anti-Western, anti-democratic discourses of legitimization of terrorist acts, calls for the murder of infidels presented as Jews and Christians, who are required to do so. The sometimes unsustainable images support these remarks despite the desire of the directors to use them in counterpoint. For these reasons, a ban on minors under the age of 18 with the following warning is essential: «this film contains extremely violent and intolerable words and images, likely to offend the public».