Audrey Azoulay, Minister of Culture and Communication, welcomes the signing of a new framework agreement between the Ministry of Culture and Communication and Inria, the national research institute dedicated to digital technologies.

As a continuation of their first partnership launched in 2014, this new collaboration aims to expand the fields of cooperation and accelerate the setting up of research and development projects in the cultural field.

By creating the conditions for a renewed dialogue between cultural professionals and researchers in the digital sciences, This cooperation will help to remove technological barriers and foster the emergence of new interdisciplinary research themes in order to test innovative uses and concepts for the cultural and linguistic sectors as well as for the digital sciences.

Many fields will be explored, for example:

  • 3D imaging, which disrupts many professions such as architecture or archaeology;
  • voice recognition, usable in language technologies;
  • Big data, which is a major challenge, especially for institutions whose mission is to collect or archive huge amounts of data;
  • or the so-called “blockchain” technology, which could ultimately significantly impact copyright management processes.

Audrey Azoulay welcomes this new step in the digital transition of cultural institutions, which will help them to position themselves strategically in the face of digital innovations by drawing on Inria’s leading international expertise.