Audrey Azoulay, Minister for Culture and Communication, participated in the Council of European Ministers for Culture and Audiovisual held in Brussels on Tuesday 22 November.

On the copyright package, Audrey Azoulay made proposals to make more operational the remedies to the inequitable sharing of value at present between the intermediaries of the Internet and the creative industry.

To go along with the diagnosis made by the committee, she indicated France’s wish to go further in defining the obligations of intermediaries and in clarifying the right to communicate to the public.

The minister also referred to the principle of remuneration proportional to the revenue from exploitation of works, as it exists in French law and other national legislation of member countries.

With regard to the proposed regulations to supplement the Cable and Satellite Directive, the Minister indicated that, for the time being, this project raised major risks regarding the principle of territoriality of rights, when the European Commission’s competition services examine a case concerning territoriality clauses in contracts between broadcasters and rights holders.

Commissioner Oettinger has very firmly ensured the full support of the European Commission for respect for the territoriality of rights in all future proposals of the committee.

At the presentation by the Presidency of the Council of the European Union of the progress report on the revision of the Directive on audiovisual media services, Audrey Azoulay welcomed the inclusion of the principle of the targeted country in this regulation concerning financial contributions and wishes to go further in the promotion of European works to submit to the same level of requirement all the actors who market their offers for the French public regardless of their geographical location.

The minister also called for the protection of the public, especially the youth, in the event of an apology for terrorism.

The committee has announced a timetable for the end of 2017.