With the passing of Michel Corvin, the world of theatre lost a tireless discoverer and author of fundamental works on dramatic art.

He is in particular the designer of the Encyclopedic Dictionary of the Theatre which, since 1991, has accompanied several generations of practitioners, critics, academics and theatre lovers.

Honorary professor at the Institut d'Études Théâtrales of the University of Paris III, lecturer at the Cannes Regional School of Actors and even recently actor in a Faust directed by director Robert Cantarella, Michel Corvin was an essential voice in French theatre. No one was prepared for his sudden disappearance, as at the age of 85 he still had an insatiable energy for the knowledge and sharing of the history of the theatre and its current events.

He had the same passion for avant-garde theatre of the 1920s and 1950s, Poliéri’s scenography, boulevard theatre, theatrical semiology, and the publishing of the Théâtre Complet by Jean Genet in the Pleiades or accompany Anthology des auteurs dramatiques de langue française.

The author of a recent work on criticism of humanism in contemporary theatre, entitled «L'Homme en trop», is already the man who is too lacking in French theatre.

To his wife, his daughters and his loved ones, I offer my deepest condolences.