This Tuesday, December 8, on the occasion of the presentation of the assessment of the operation La Belle Saison, Fleur Pellerin announced a plan of 23 measures to structure and develop culture and living arts for children and youth. Based on an unprecedented 18-month experience with artists, performing arts structures and partners, this roadmap sets the stage for an ambitious new policy at the service of living arts and arts and cultural education for youth, five-year priority.


"Everywhere in the territory, and in every place of culture, young people must have access to a quality offer for the living arts," said the Minister, in Rue de Valois, in front of nearly 150 actors of the live show, whom she praised as "exceptional mobilization" as part of La Belle Saison, which throughout the year offered quality cultural initiatives to enable children and adolescents to discover the living art. These are 1,000 projects, shows, symposia and participatory events that have been organized throughout France and abroad, as many opportunities for young audiences to experience the emotion and intelligence associated with the encounter of works and artists.


It has come to an end and its success is supported by a remarkable mobilization of cultural and artistic actors, La Belle Saison becomes Generation Belle Saison. "This is an unprecedented turning point that is beginning," said the Minister, to amplify the work already done throughout the territory and to place the creation and dissemination towards the new generations as one of the pillars of public action of the Ministry of Culture and Communication.


Belle Saison generation 7 main objectives and 23 measures, including:

> the creation of a production area dedicated to the living arts for youth;

> promotion and dissemination of creation for young audiences in public institutions;

> the establishment of a specific training for the artistic accompaniment of children and young people;

> the sustainability of professional platforms in the territories;

> the establishment of a charter bearing the values and principles of Generation Belle Saison.


In a context marked by the attacks of 13 November, Belle Saison generation is fully in line with the action taken by the Minister over the past year in favour of access for all to culture and more particularly for arts and cultural education. She recalled in this sense the essential role of culture as a vector of emancipation, freedom and understanding of the world: "So that this desire for living art may be born and grow in them – the desire for music, the desire for theatre, the desire for dance, opera, circus, street art and entertainment. To weave between them this fabric that brings together and is called culture. For them to grow with the ability to put their fears at a distance and to look to the future with the optimism of the will. So that they are free to dream the world, free to dream of transforming it."