On Wednesday, December 2, 2015, Fleur Pellerin installed the Collège de la Diversité, a body that emerged from the discussions at the Assises de la Jeune Création. With the creation of this College, announced on June 30, the Ministry of Culture and Communication has set up a circle of reflections and proposals unparalleled in the cultural and public sphere. Karine Gloanec-Maurin, Senior Official in charge of Diversity, is coordinating it.

This College of Diversity is composed of about thirty members: 20 qualified personalities have agreed to participate in this body alongside officials of public institutions of the cultural sector and the media, but also senior officials from the Department’s central administration. Qualified personalities are all actors on the ground: artists, cultural operators and intellectuals committed to culture and carrying the fight for equality, access for all to all cultures.

This College of Diversity intends to constitute a monitoring and vigilance body, whose project is to measure the democratization of access to practices, training, but also artistic responsibilities, and to help remove any obstacles to this ambition. Her work will complement those of Lucie Muniesa, High Official for the Fight Against Discrimination and Muriel Genthon, High Official for Gender Equality, both appointed in 2014 and 2015.

Through this College, Fleur Pellerin intends to reaffirm the priority she has always given, in the policy of the Ministry of Culture and Communication, to the issue of diversity. While awareness-raising – notably through policy in favour of arts and cultural education – and democratization – access for all to artistic works and practices – remain the fundamental dimensions of national policy in favour of culture, they must, in fact, necessarily take better account of the diversity of actors, territories and expressions.

Fleur Pellerin will announce in Spring the first measures selected on the proposals that will be made by the College to meet the roadmap drawn up this day.