Alongside the National Council of the Order of Architects and in the framework of a privileged partnership with the Association of French Architects for Export (Afex), the Ministry of Culture and Communication marks its commitment to promoting the quality of contemporary construction and for the contribution of architects to the promotion of the entire sector.

This presence at the Mipim shows the determination of the Minister to support the place of architects in the development and development of the territories. It also intends to show that French architecture and architects are a formidable asset for the development of the quality of the built environment and construction in France and abroad.


Young architects and landscapers winners of the 2014 AJAP session present in the Espace Architecture Café (C21.F8)

The ministry wanted to highlight the young professionals of the Albums des jeunes architectes and landscapers. Four professional conferences will examine the current changes: the building’s digital booklet, architecture at the service of the energy transition, French export know-how and AJAP.

They will take place on Wednesday 11 March from 2.30pm to 6.30pm.


The stand of French architecture implemented by the Afex, which will host the National Council of the Order of Architects and the Afex, is designed collectively by the young winners and coordinated by one of them, Julien Broussart, of the agency Mars architectes.

The Mipim held every year in Cannes since 1990. It is one of the first global forums for real estate professionals and an important platform for international exchanges. No fewer than 1,600 architects are among the 30,000 visitors.

Awards, the “Mipim Awards”, are awarded in several categories of architectural projects (offices, shopping centres, residential buildings, etc.).


TheAfex, an association created in 1996 and now bringing together more than a hundred architects, as well as engineers, urban planners, landscapers, interior and industrial architects, brings together their experiences and skills to facilitate the presence of French architecture in the world. Afex helps professionals to prepare their export initiatives in advance and to showcase the qualities of French architecture abroad.


The 2014 Afex Grand Prix for French architecture in the world, obtained by Christian de Portzamparc for the City of Arts of Rio de Janeiro, is currently on display at the City of Architecture and Heritage.