From Saturday 12 September to Sunday 20 September 2015, will be held at the National Archives (site of Paris, hotel de Soubise) the exhibition Renaissance d'un chef d'oeuvre: les décors de la chanceOrléans Industry." This exhibition, presented at the time deEuropean Heritage Days, marks the launch of the restoration of the Hotel de Rohan and the reassembly in this hotel of the decorations of the Chancery of Orléans.

In 1923, the Banque de France obtained permission to dismantle a private mansion classified as a historical monument, called the «Chancery of Orléans», which adjoined its buildings. In return, she had undertaken to preserve the elements of the hotel, among which woodwork and painted ceilings, magnificent witnesses of an aristocratic decor of the XVIIIand to contribute to their restoration and reassembly.

These decorations were kept in pieces in warehouses until a partnership between the Bank of France and an American cultural heritage support fund, the World Monuments Fund (WMF) , allows to begin their restoration and to consider their reassembly on the ground floor of one of the mansions of the quadrilateral of the National Archives, the hotel of Rohan. The National Commission of Historical Monuments having given its agreement, an agreement between the State (Ministry of Culture and Communication) and the Bank of France, signed in July 2015, has ratified this project of winding and allowed the launch of the work that will result, in early 2018, when the entire restored hotel will be reopened to the public.

The exhibition presents a sample of the decors of the Orléans Chancery, accompanied by a model of the hotel, archival documents and explanatory panels. Pieces of ceiling from the dining room and the antechamber are presented, as well as fragments of carved decorations from the different rooms. Due to the best French artists of the XVIIIe century (Pajou, Durameau, De Wailly, Briard, etc.), these pieces testify to the quality and refinement of the interior of the Orléans chancery. At the end of the exhibition, the elements will remain visible to the public pending their final reassembly at Rohan’s hotel.

The completion of the restoration and the reassembly of the decorations will be entirely financed by the Banque de France, which thus honours its commitment of 1923. The Ministry of Culture and Communication, for its part, finances the restoration of the facade of the Hotel de Rohan as well as the necessary work to welcome the decorations and the public access to the ground floor of the same hotel.

On the eve of the launch of the double restoration and reassembly project, which will run until the end of 2017, Fleur Pellerin, Minister of Culture and Communication, and Christian Noyer, Governor of the Banque de France, welcome the agreement reached and the realization of this magnificent project, which will allow to reconstitute and offer to the public, in the prestigious framework of the National Archives, an authentic masterpiece of French art and heritage.