As part of the modernisation of public policy, an evaluation of the policy of developing the own resources of the State’s cultural bodies was entrusted in August 2014 to the General Inspectorate of Finance and the General Inspectorate of Cultural Affairs, by the Minister of Culture and Communication, the Minister of Finance and Public Accounts, the Minister of Economy, Industry and Digital Development, and the Secretary of State for the Budget.


The work carried out has made it possible to take stock of the overall development of own resources between 2004 and 2013 of 36 organizations in the various cultural sectors and to analyse levers for developing complementary resources compatible with the missions of these establishments.


The report highlights the already significant increase in the last few years of the institutions' own resources, which has enabled them to significantly support the development of the cultural offer in a period of budgetary constraint.


It also confirms the predominance of ticketing in the own resources of the State’s cultural bodies and formulates, in view of this main issue, several proposals for tariff policies. A statistical study carried out as part of the mission made it possible to better understand the preferences of the French in relation to several offers of museum visits, exhibitions or monuments, as well as their propensity to purchase for each of these offers, according to several criteria (awareness, location, prices, services offered, ...).

Fleur Pellerin considers that these proposals must be analysed on a case-by-case basis, according to the characteristics of each institution, and with regard to the primary objective of making cultural places accessible to as many people as possible, whether they are foreign or domestic visitors.


The mission’s comprehensive cost approach also allowed for an analysis of the contribution of each type of activity to the financial balance of institutions. In this regard, Fleur Pellerin wishes to highlight the essential contribution of the relationships established between cultural institutions and their patrons, especially when they are long-term. It notes that certain ancillary activities, generating revenue but identified as deficit-making (shops, specific programming locations) must be able to find their legitimacy in a strong articulation with the core public service missions of these establishments.


In terms of priority areas of work, the Minister would like to see a joint reflection between operators on the promotion of their brands, on their promotion as essential vectors of the French tourist offer and on the opportunities linked to new digital tools to enrich the offer of visits (applications, visit aids), improve the accessibility of distant visitors (online ticketing) and better know their visitors (digital data).


Paris, 25 June 2015 






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