On the occasion of the adoption by the European Commission of its action plan on the modernization of copyright and a draft regulation on the portability of access to works on Wednesday 9 December, Fleur PELLERIN, Minister of Culture and Communication, and Harlem DESIR, Secretary of State for European Affairs, recall their commitment to defend, at European level, the creation, cultural diversity and fair remuneration of creators.


The Communication from the European Commission makes progress in its vision on copyright. The Ministers welcome the Commission’s commitment to address the role of the major digital players in enabling a better sharing of the value of creation. They support early action to enforce copyright by targeting companies that make money from piracy.


The Ministers also note that the objective of the regulation on the portability of access to works could allow European citizens to continue, during their travels in Europe, to benefit from online subscriptions and access subscribed in their country of residence. France will be attentive to ensuring that this portability is effectively ensured for temporary travel without calling into question the fundamental principle of the exploitation of copyright in each Member State which is at the heart of the financing of creation and cultural diversity. This same concern should guide the reflections on the revision of the “cable and satellite” directive because the rules of territoriality guarantee the sustainability of the financing of creation.


Fleur PELLERIN and Harlem DESIR will be particularly vigilant to ensure that the actions taken by the Commission reflect a genuine ambition for culture in Europe. They will also ensure that this initiative to revise the Copyright Directive is not a pretext for an uncontrolled extension of exceptions detrimental to creation in Europe. In particular, they will oppose any questioning of the private copying remuneration mechanism, which is an essential element of the European copyright model.


Creators will be able to count on the mobilization of Fleur PELLERIN and Harlem DESIR to ensure that the remuneration systems of creation are preserved.