The Ministry of Culture and Communication publishes the results of the latest national statistical survey on the cultural expenditure and revenue of local authorities.

Conducted since the early 1980s, with all the regions and departments of France, inter-communal cooperation institutions (EPCI) competent in cultural matters and a representative sample of municipalities with more than 10,000 inhabitants, this survey includes, for the first time, the expenditure of the overseas territorial authorities (Guadeloupe, Guyana, Martinique and Réunion) and remains the only one at national level, to aggregate community cultural expenditures at the most detailed level available in their accounting classifications.

For metropolitan territorial authorities alone, the consolidated cultural expenditure is estimated at €7.47 billionEUR 119 per capita in 2010. Since 2006, the date of the previous survey, it has increased by an average of 2.3% per year, a slight increase in volume (+0.8%), once inflation is taken into account. The consolidated cultural expenditure of the overseas territorial authorities amounted to EUR 172 million in 2010.

The municipal level (municipalities and groups of municipalities responsible for cultural matters) remains the one which finances cultural expenditure most widely 60 % of total expenditure for municipalities and 13 % for groupings of municipalities. Departments account for 18% of total territorial cultural expenditure, and regions for 9%.

Support for artistic expression and cultural activities accounts for 58% of expendituresthe majority of operating expenses (85%), the remainder is intended for the conservation and dissemination of the patrimonies where the share of capital expenditure (32%) is twice as high as in operation.

Local and regional authorities' efforts to promote culture have therefore been stabilised since the previous survey in 2006, after years of growth.

The Ministry of Culture itself has maintained its own funding for local authorities, in particular through the action of its decentralized departments, the regional cultural affairs departments.   This joint effort is essential for the vitality and cohesion of the territories, but also for their economic development and attractiveness.

Cultural spending by local authorities: €7.6 billion for culture in 2010 of Jean-Cédric Delvainquière, François Tugores, Nicolas Laroche and Benoît Jourdan. March 2014 - 32 pages - Collection «Culture chiffres» 2014-3