Aurélie Filippetti, Minister of Culture and Communication denounces the lies disseminated for political purposes, at a time when the Ministry is working to develop and value the artistic practice as amateur, which is an incomparable source of social bond, personal development and development of territories.

It is not in any way a question of restricting volunteering, nor, a fortiori, of forbidding it, but on the contrary of allowing its influence and legal security under the Labour Code.

Today, amateur artistic practice, which concerns millions of people, is limited by a legal framework that has become unsuited to its development.

The draft text under discussion is therefore aimed at avoiding the risks of requalification into undeclared work in order to ensure that amateur practice is carried out safely without weakening the presumption of wage earners.

Contrary to the claims of some, the text states that the amateur artist does not receive remuneration.

The text also allows the use of professional equipment and advertising; conditions that today create a risk of requalification in a professional work situation.

It legitimizes the use of volunteer amateur artists by allowing their presentation in the lucrative sector, as is the case in Puy du Fou and other events of this kind.

Its purpose is therefore to secure amateur practice and to allow its development, while ensuring that it does not produce unfair competition for entrepreneurs and professional performers.

Finally, this text is being prepared within the framework of a broad consultation that has been involving all the stakeholders concerned for several months, as shown by the support of many associations, particularly in Brittany, for the bill.