Fleur Pellerin, Minister of Culture and Communication, stressed the importance of culture for Europe at the meeting of the Ministers of Culture of the European Union held on Wednesday 24 September in Turin.


During this meeting dedicated to the recognition of the political but also economic role of culture and its inclusion in the action of the European Union, Fleur Pellerin highlighted in particular the upheavals and opportunities induced by digital for the sector. 


The Minister expressed support for the establishment of a legislative and regulatory framework conducive to the development of European actors in the culture and creative industries. The adaptation of taxation so that books and the online press are no longer penalized by a VAT higher than physical products must be a priority. The establishment of an open and non-discriminatory framework for digital platforms, which today play a crucial role in access to culture, must be committed.


Fleur Pellerin also stressed the need to preserve the financing of creation and the remuneration of creators, which is the condition for the vitality of the European cultural sector. France will be vigilant to the evolution of the reflection on copyright at European level, so that it remains the guarantor of creation and cultural diversity.