Patrick Modiano is a Nobel Prize winner in literature.

It is a happy day for French literature, a very great emotion and an immense pride for France and all our fellow citizens.

This year, the Nobel Prize Jury has decided to recognize a French author whose novels, translated into 36 languages, have shocked and passionate generations of readers around the world.

Of The Place de l'Etoile to his latest novel So you don’t get lost in the neighborhood, his work, imbued with a sweet melancholy, ventures with an infinite poetry into the folds of memory and the meanders of memory. Writer of an occupied Paris, forgotten faces and childhoods found, he seizes individual destinies to give life back to a whole era.

Award Goncourt several times rewarded for all his work, it lacked only this ultimate consecration to Patrick Modiano who today represents in the eyes of the world the vitality and the influence of French literature.

My warmest congratulations to him.