Aurélie Filippetti welcomes the fact that the government has proposed to Parliament, on the occasion of the 2014 Amending Finance Act, the raising of the tax ceiling on the ticketing of current music and variety shows collected by the CNV.

The ceiling for this tax was initially lowered by the initial finance law from €27 million to €24 million. It is thus set at €28 million for 2014.

This amendment will preserve the general interest missions of the CNV by strengthening the redistribution mechanisms that allow large audience performances, including those of international varieties, to support the companies in the sector, for the development of young artists, artistic and cultural diversity, as well as employment and professional integration.

The Centre national de la chanson, des variétés et du jazz (CNV), a public institution under the supervision of the Ministry of Culture and Communication, serves the growth, employment and fabric of small and medium-sized businesses in the live music sector. of variety and humour. It administers a support fund mechanism which, based on the collection of a tax on the ticketing of current music, variety and some one-man shows, a multiplier effect of activities to the benefit of new production and exhibition projects.