At 70, Gerard Mortier left this world.

The Opera and the Theatre lose one of their greatest Directors, those who shape the institutions, reveal the talents and assemble them to bring out the beauty, without fear of sometimes shocking but always at the service of an idea. 

From Brussels to Salzburg, from the Ruhr to Madrid, Gerard Mortier has made his mark, spoken all the languages of Europe, accompanied by artists, directors, choreographers, musicians, singers and dancers.

Of Belgian and European nationality of heart, accomplished polyglot, proselyte to the tireless curiosity of the meeting of cultures, styles and generations of artists, Gerard Mortier was intimately associated with the most structuring moments of the Opéra National de Paris: He was first one of the valuable artisans of the Rolf Liebermann era’s successes from 1979 to 1981 before taking over the general management of the establishment two decades later from 2004 to 2009. With a demanding and successful artistic policy, he planned the production of Tristan and Isolde, illustrated by videos by Bill Viola, which will soon be taken over. 

His attention to all the teams, his distinguished pioneering skills, his fiery commitment and his perseverance are still in the memories of a house he was able to bring into the 21st century.

I would like to pay tribute not only to the visionary director, to his taste for discovery and his love of the stage, but also to man, his creative brilliance and his generosity. I extend my sincere condolences to his loved ones and to all those who have crossed his path.