Before putting her talent and valuable experience at the service of the Renaud – Barrault company, as administrator and general secretary, Claire Duhamel had already made a name for herself in cinema but also in theatre under the direction of the greatest directors. Movie buffs remember her in A big boss by Yves Ciampi, The war is over by Alain Resnais, or Fucked stolen by François Truffaut. On stage, she shone as well as playing Marivaux, Molière, Brecht and Ionesco.

She had made a beautiful comeback as an actress, at the end of the 90s, solicited by Mathieu Amalric who had offered her his last role in what was, for him, his first film –Eat your soup- as a director.

Claire Duhamel’s name will also remain linked to the Festival d'automne, the Francophonies and of course the Théâtre du Soleil, which was so dear to her. She has been able to serve our culture, our cinema and especially this lively show which had all her preference.