MP Michel Françaix delivered his report on the future of Agence France Presse to the Prime Minister. It specifies that it is essential for AFP to continue its modernization and innovation in order to remain attractive and competitive in a very strong global competitive environment while preserving the quality requirement of its business.

The member is opening up some serious avenues for work, which AFP will have to take up, with the support of the government, which will continue its expertise in the coming weeks. 

These proposals, which outline future directions for AFP, follow by a few days the «letter of useful measures» of the European Commission, which recognises the existence of a public interest mission entrusted by law to AFP and validates the public financing of this mission.

AFP plays a unique role in collecting information from all over the world, with a strong demand for impartiality, completeness and quality. This is the model that the European Commission has validated.

The “letter of useful measures” sets out a number of specific and circumscribed conditions to enable AFP to carry out its tasks, in compliance with European Union law. France expresses its intention to satisfy this.

On the basis of the recommendations of the European Commission, and taking into account the proposals of MEP Michel Françaix, the Government will very soon finalize the writing of the AFP Objectives and Means Contract and will express its position on possible developments in the governance of the Agency.