Wladyslaw Znorko has just left us in Marseille on March 5.

He was just over twenty years old when, in 1981, Wladyslaw Znorko founded his theatre company, the «Cosmos Kolej», in Lyon, that is to say «the discovery of the universe». This poetic discovery was his program, his ambition, the raison d'être of his shows. Between Saône and Rhône, it will give figure to its dreams by acting in the street, in stations and in many other places of passage. His inspiration then took him to Ireland, where he remained for seven years.

After many wanderings, this great traveller had finally found a home port for his company. He had settled in Marseilles, in these northern districts which, in some respects, reminded him of the scenery of his childhood in Roubaix…

It was there that he opened the «Gare Franche», a house, a garden and an abandoned factory that constitute a great meeting place and a unique place to stage shows of a poetry like no other.

Wladyslaw Znorko was looking for the total spectacle and, like any poet, he also wanted to change life through his creations. Its Franche Station will remain one of those rare places where dreams become reality.