Jérôme Savary was a man in love with the show and life, who shared this passion with generations of spectators and artists. Today we are all like his children, saddened by this disappearance, and we can appreciate how much we have been carried by this unparalleled fantasy and the originality of his imaginary, both joyful and “melancholic”, as he described himself.

Its name is synonymous with theatre across borders. Marked from his youth by America, Buenos Aires and New York, he always kept a bulimia of culture and non-conformism as a true internationalist of the stage and forms.

For those who saw the first shows of the Grand Magic Circus and its sad animals, (Colonial Chronicle or the Adventures of Zartan the unloved brother of Tarzan, Robinson Crusoe, From Moses to Mao), he will remain the figurehead of a ruffled excellence, that of the pioneers of an era.

Jérôme Savary has left a lasting mark on the Opéra Comique and the Théâtre National de Chaillot. On each stage where he has played, he will be able to surprise by remaining faithful to his very high idea of a real popular theatre. Serving the largest texts in the repertoire by making them accessible to the greatest number. He was also able to renew with an immense talent all genres, from theatre to musical comedy, from cabaret to opera, from music hall to circus. Let us save him from this insolent and joyful audacity.