The Ministry of Culture and Communication publishes the report on A regime of literary and artistic property of the salaried creation in the video game sector, by Philippe Chantepie, currently in charge of general inspection in the Ministry.

This report is the result of an important mediation work, initiated since April 2012 between professionals in the video game sector and societies collecting and distributing copyright: the mission entrusted to Philippe Chantepie allowed the consultation advocated by the parliamentary mission that had brought together these actors.   It is part of an approach implemented by the Ministry of Culture and Communication in 2001 to seek to reconcile the recognition of creation in this sector with the securing of investments of companies in the video game sector. A first study on creation in video games was then carried out within the framework of the Superior Council of Literary and Artistic Property.

Based on a thorough consultation of the professionals concerned conducted until autumn 2012, the rapporteur recommends that the Intellectual Property Code (CPI) be adapted, taking into account the artistic and industrial specificities of this creative sector. It proposes two possible drafts for this development: one respectful of the general principles of literary and artistic property and attentive to the specificities of the sector, the other closer to the interests and practices of video game creation companies, but further from the recognition of the perpetrators and their remuneration in the current sense of the ICC.

The Minister of Culture and Communication would like to see the application of copyright to video games. It intends to continue the exchanges with the actors concerned and examine the proposals of the video game sector in this direction, with a view to reaching in 2014 a proposal respectful of the CPI, taking into account the specificities of the value chain of this cultural industry, highly competitive internationally.