President of the public establishment of the Guimet Museum of Asian Arts since August 28, 2011, Mr. Olivier de Bernon wished to be relieved of his duties and to be given another mission by the Minister of Culture and Communication. His resignation will take effect in June 2013. A renowned specialist in the Khmer civilization of Cambodia and South Asia, Olivier de Bernon has worked on the development of a rich and varied program at the Guimet Museum, the revival of its attendance and the renovation of the D'Ennery Museum.

 In order to recruit its successor, the Ministry of Culture and Communication wishes to launch an open call for applications that will allow it to assess not only the scientific skills, administrative and managerial candidates for this demanding position but also their vision for this great national museum which, in addition to the Guimet museum, includes the Museum D'Ennery and the Galleries of the Buddhist Pantheon. Its development requires the development and implementation of a solid and coherent establishment project.

 In this perspective, applicants must send to the Ministry of Culture and Communication, in support of their application, a synthetic project for the public establishment. It is based on their ability to take into account the fundamental issues for the future of the institution (scientific and cultural outreach, dynamic management of collections, attendance and diversification of audiences, quality of social dialogue and implementation of strategic steering tools...) that candidates will be heard by the Directorate-General for Heritage, and then the minister’s office.

 The selected candidates, after these first hearings, will be received personally by the Minister who will propose to the President of the Republic the appointment for three years renewable of the new president of the public establishment of the Museum of Asian Arts Guimet.