The Ministry of Culture and Communication is launching the new version of, a portal dedicated to news and cultural events, as well as the dissemination of digital cultural resources.

Created in 2003, this portal has been redesigned to integrate more than 80 sites and multimedia productions on a common platform. It now offers its users better structured, more readable and easier to access information. Its ergonomics has been profoundly redesigned to give free rein to a more intuitive navigation, proposed by categories of offers, around the news, an agenda, resources and multimedia productions.

The Ministry of Culture and Communication has ensured that also offers optimized accessibility solutions to all audiences and promotes both the development of participatory uses and the sharing of information.

In a secure technical environment, will allow contributors to develop in the best conditions an editorial offer that reflects all the richness and diversity of our cultural life, throughout the territory. in a few figures.

The site provides access to:

  • 5 million documents and 3.7 million images accessible through the semantic search engine “Collections”;
  • more than 6 million data accessible through the “Genealogy” engine;
  • A selection of 4,500 educational resources commented and ranked according to the arts history curriculum
  • an annual program of more than 2,000 cultural venues and organizations and 900 festivals, representing 30,000 events across the country;
  • 44 heritage databases;
  • 900 articles each year on cultural news;
  • more than 5,000 terms or expressions recommended by the Official Journal of the French Republic on FranceTerme;
  • more than 48 multimedia productions.

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