A world-class design school serving France’s creative recovery

Aurélie Filippetti, Minister of Culture and Communication and Arnaud Montebourg, Minister of Productive Recovery have jointly decided to propose to the President of the Republic the appointment of Mr.Bernard Kahane as director of the National School of Industrial Creation – the Workshops.

Bernard Kahane, 54, doctor of medicine and strategy at HEC, was a researcher at the CNRS and the Institut francilien de recherche innovation société (IFRIS) since 2005. Director of theses, he has a perfect grasp of higher education and research issues, particularly in the field of innovation.

The project that Bernard KAHANE will develop within ENSCI-les Ateliers will build on the work done by his predecessor, Alain CADIX, notably within PRES-HESAM, whose school is one of the founding members.

Through the partnerships he will develop, he will strengthen the capacity of this great design school to train creators, but also managers and engineers, who, with their ability to understand the needs of our society, the behaviours and usages of tomorrow; in particular, they will contribute to the transformation of our living environment and the re-ininvention of French industry.

Its participation in many international research projects will be an asset to develop partnerships and strengthen the international standing of the school of industrial creation.