Zao Wou Ki left us on April 9. He was 93 years old

Born in Beijing, Zao Wou Ki chose to settle in Paris after the Second World War. A few years later he was to acquire French nationality.

This very great name of lyrical abstraction was above all a master of light, that of the splendour of the world, which he knew so well to grasp, to capture, to send back and to diffuse in his great paintings of an ocean magnitude and force.

Master of a light that he knew as well to release by color as by playing only the deep black of his Chinese inks.

Painter, calligrapher, French who kept alive the memory of his native East and its traditions, Zao Wou Ki will remain as a wonderful example of what can best produce a true dialogue of cultures, this beautiful balance of fidelity to the roots and openness to the world that together know how to touch all hearts.