The disappearance of Eliette Lemoine at the age of 97 is sad news for the large press family. Eliette Lemoine held the reins of the Sud-Ouest group alongside her husband Jacques Lemoine from their meeting in Bordeaux in the 1930s and after his death in 1968.

Those who knew her say that this direction was not a moral magisterium but a real commitment to this newspaper to which she gave her energy for more than sixty years. After passing on the presidency to her son Jean-François in 1991, she remained a director until 1996. That is his commitment and passion for the press. She was a figure for the entire South-West that today pays tribute to her strong character and courage in a life full of trials.

I pay special tribute to this great lady of the French press and to her commitment to information and communication, which make the cement of an entire region.