The report «Act II of the cultural exception in the digital age» Delivered to the government by Pierre Lescure proposes a number of avenues aimed at better guaranteeing creators' remuneration for the digital exploitation of their works and ensuring a balanced sharing of value between the various actors.

In the music sector, which is both the most advanced in the digital transition and the least regulated, these topics have been the subject of many discussions between performers, phonographic producers and online music platforms, The Lescure report emphasises that this has allowed progress to be made without sufficient solutions.

This is why, in order to prepare the consultation to which the report invites, the Minister of Culture and Communication, Aurélie Filippetti, entrusted to Christian Pheline, Chief Adviser at the Court of Auditors, a mission to develop, for online music (streaming, interactive or not, and downloading), an objective diagnosis of the positions in front, usages and contractual practices. The conclusions of this mission will be submitted in November 2013.