René Camoin was received at the Conservatoire in the same year as Jean-
Paul Belmondo, in 1952, and he had brilliantly come out with a first prize
of Comedy. He was then, for more than twenty years, one of the figures
of the Comédie Française, where he had established himself in the
great classical repertoire that in the defense of playwrights of the twentieth

In 1980, René Camoin left Molière’s house to start a
new career in the boulevard theatre. He had nevertheless kept
a deep attachment to the Comédie Française.

Fans and friends of René Camoin were waiting for his very next
back on stage as he left while with his troupe he
repeated L'Avare.

Like all great actors, the stage was an encounter
essential with the public.

We will miss his passion and talent.