Denise René has just passed away at the age of 99. His departure saddles the artistic world, which owes it to this great gallery owner to have revealed to the whole world the beauties of abstract art and especially kinetic, of the twentieth century.

Since the Liberation, a visionary and pioneer herself, she has not had
constantly promoting the pioneers of geometric abstraction:
Mondrian, Picabia, the avant-garde of Eastern Europe such as Kassk or
Stazewdki, the painters of Latin America.

Convinced that art must always reinvent itself, discoverer of the
and Vasarely, for which she organized the historical exhibition The
Movement», she remains until today the apostle of this movement
and its vibrant productions, including one or more
parties are on the move. His quest for artists, works and audiences
always new, was for her an artistic mission and a
compelling moral requirement.