Aurélie Filippetti, Minister of Culture and Communication, pays tribute to Chris Marker

Chris Marker has left us. He chose to simplify his real name:
Christian-François Bouche-Villeneuve, to better wear the
camouflage of the globetrotter filmmaker, of the «handyman» he will have been
for more than sixty years. He was an eclectic and committed artist, the
perfect honest man of the twenty-first century combining the political actuality of the world,
the taste for beauty and digital techniques.

Filmmaker, documentary filmmaker, photographer, editor, translator,
philosopher, essayist, poet, and even illustrator, Chris Marker was everywhere
present, to testify, to denounce. Parachutist during the Resistance,
commissioned by UNESCO in the 1950s to “put cinema at the
service of basic education”, his work will retain the indelible imprint
of his tenderness for all cultural revolutions. He signed The
Pier» in 1962, which launched its celebrity, «Le Joli Mai» or «Le Fond de l'air
is red," his major films. He enjoyed collaborating with other filmmakers and
artists of all kinds, even simple workers. Statues die
also», with Alain Resnais, against colonialism, or «Letter of Siberia»,
dialogue with memorable portraits of Tarkovski or Kurosawa, where
shows its own aesthetic and humanist vision.

The public could admire his work and his fascination for internet and art
digital with a retrospective at the Rencontres d'Arles 2011 (300 works
photographs created between 1957 and 2010).