The theft committed this morning very early by three burglars, who broke into the museum, involves about a hundred gold globules. These Gaulish coins belong to the "Treasury of Saint-Denis-les-Sens", comprising 242 coins and discovered during the preventive archaeological excavations carried out during the construction of the A5 highway, which was the subject of a state deposit in the municipal museum of Sens.

The burglars, who seem to have acted with preparation, have penetrated, gloved
and hooded, in the museum around 5:30 by the back of the building and were
directed directly to the secure display case in which the treasure was displayed,
they attacked with an iron bar. The security guard was awakened by
the alarm that then sounded and, seeking to intervene, was
faced with burglars, who managed to escape with part of the

Aurélie Filippetti notes that the security measures put in place seem to
have functioned correctly, thus probably limiting the importance of the flight, and
Is pleased that the officer providing the night surveillance of the museum, whose
professionalism and composure, did not suffer physical aggression, despite the
conditions of this burglary. She wishes to support
the entire museum team. She regrets that such mischief could
to deprive public collections of an important archaeological complex
heritage interest and expresses the wish that it be found as soon as possible, thanks to
the investigation entrusted jointly to the judicial police of Auxerre and the Office
Centre for Combating Trafficking in Cultural Property (OCBC), to which it expresses
all his confidence.

The French Museum Security Advisor and a Head of the
museums of France of the Directorate General of Heritage will visit
to take stock of the situation and reaffirm the solidarity of the
Ministry of Culture and Communication.