On the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the creation of the National Institute for Preventive Archaeological Research (INRAP), the Ministry of Culture and Communication dedicates an exhibition to him in the windows of the peristyle and the gallery of Valois, from 26 October to 9 December 2012.

This exhibition offers an original approach to the activities of the institute’s 1,800 archaeologists and highlights remarkable discoveries, among more than 2,000 excavations in metropolitan France and the French Dom.

 The stages of preventive archaeology

In the windows of the gallery of Valois, part of the exhibition highlights the results of ten years of discoveries allowed by the law on preventive archaeology while presenting the different stages of the research carried out on prescription and under state control: site recognition, diagnosis, excavation, laboratory work and syntheses. From aerial photography to microscopic imaging, each step is illustrated and the diversity of specialties evoked by testimonies and short films: archaeologist responsible for operation, topographer, anthropologist, carpologist, palynologist, archaeozoologist, xylologist, ceramologist, tracologist…

 Five remarkable discoveries

In the windows of the peristyle of Valois, five discoveries illustrate some aspects of the very broad spectrum of research today: first stands of our territory, funeral rites, medieval techniques and first fruits of industry, colonial slavery, monumental art of the XX

Bifaces from Etricourt bear witness to the first settlements of Picardy in the Paleolithic period, 300,000 years ago; the Gallo-Roman necropolis of Bondy highlights the importance of funeral archaeology; the Thervay mill reflects the development of research on medieval techniques; the patched Tromelin bowls symbolize the difficult survival of a group of abandoned slaves on this island of the Indian Ocean; the colossal bas-reliefs of Joseph Tchaikov, found in Baillet-en-France, document the beginnings of socialist realism…

 GRTgaz sponsorship

Produced by Inrap, «Excavations and discoveries in the XXI
Perspectives on the National Institute for Preventive Archaeological Research” benefits from the exceptional patronage of GRTgaz. Natural gas transmission system development projects require an environmentally responsible approach and heritage preservation. These principles motivate GRTgaz’s support for exposure.

 The scenography of this exhibition was designed by Flavie + Paul.

Peristyle and Valois gallery showcases at the Palais-Royal

Ministry of Culture and Communication

Free access every day of the week

Palais-Royal opening hours: 7.30am-8.30pm