Muriel Cerf left us on May 19, in his home in Eure-et-Loir, at the age of 61.

In 1974, the public discovered a passionate young woman and
a real writer who from his first book,
Antivoyage, manifested a maturity, a sense of narrative, a
poetic evocation power immediately praised by the critics,
but also by a very valuable reader, a certain André

With this first story, largely inspired by what she had seen in
through Asia, India, Nepal and Thailand, Muriel Cerf showed
also a beautiful lucidity, all the more appreciable that many
of westerners had then fallen in love with an Orient dreamed in many respects
very different from reality.

This brilliant success was not, as it happens, without tomorrow.
Antivoyage was instead for Muriel Cerf the starting point of a
very beautiful literary journey, during which, novel after novel, she
drew its delighted readers ever further, in its quest for meaning and