Ladies and gentlemen, dear friends,

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you this evening to the Ministry of Culture and Communication to celebrate the birth of a new public service that marks a turning point at the time of the proliferation of online cultural offerings.

It is with this new tool for referencing video on demand of a real public service:

  • because it carries out, on the one hand, two founding missions of this ministry: the access of the greatest number to the works of the spirit which are now at click of click and the support to the vitality and the diversity of creation;
  • because, on the other hand, it meets the demands of quality and exemplarity proper to public action at the service of our fellow citizens: - quality of the more than 10,000 works already listed, but also the quality of their referencing and their setting in context by the partner sites;

- finally, exemplarity of video-on-demand sites that meet French regulatory obligations by contributing to the financing of creation and exhibition of French and European works.

For the Internet cinephile, this new public service is the possibility to dive back into the entire filmography of his favorite director or actor in just one click.

For the amateur of discoveries or the curious in search of a film, it is the possibility of being surprised, at the turn of a critical article, by an unsuspected masterpiece.

For the young spectator, it is the possibility of being guided by wise advice through the formidable history of French cinema, and its must-sees.

The launch of this service marks the beginning of a new era: for all Internet users who will finally be able to discover the richness of our film heritage or the diversity of the latest masterpieces in one click; for all the actors of creation whose works will benefit thanks to this tool of greater visibility and accessibility; but more globally for the whole sector that has gathered around a common ambition in the service of the public and creation

This new tool helps to solve the terrible paradox of the wide distribution of our film and audiovisual productions. While the Internet offers great opportunities to reach a wide and varied audience, the online offer is so confusing that it is sometimes easier to find a film on an illicit site than on a legal offer site.

It is often because they cannot find the film that they are looking for people to succumb to the sirens of streaming or illegal downloading.

With this new public service, no confusion possible, all links lead to a cinema whose quality and diversity is ensured by the solidarity of all actors in the sector.

With this tool: clicking is also helping to create!

What makes this tool unique and, I have no doubt, what will make it successful is the pragmatism of the approach.

Above all, it is a service to the public that is inspired by its practices and meets its real needs.

Unlike a process of labeling some sites that are not popular with Internet users, this new tool will be available on all sites that are consulted in large numbers all those who are looking for information about a film or who are interested in cinema.

It is with French film specialists and its critic that the CNC, of which I greet the President, has worked: Allociné, Premiè, Télé, Senscritique, as many essential references for Internet users. They alone reach more than 15 million unique visitors per month.

For the offer of video on demand, this is the guarantee of unprecedented exposure and visibility.

The pragmatism of the approach has made it a flexible tool that adapts to the multiplicity of uses.

In just one click, in addition to detailed notices, trailers, advice, sharp reviews, the user will have access to all video-on-demand services that offer the film for hire, purchase or subscription.

Visible by all modes of consultation - computer, mobile, tablets – it can also be embedded on any site, platform or blog through the creation of a “widget”.

What makes this new tool unique is also the tremendous mobilization of all: video and internet publishers, video-on-demand services and public services have gathered around the same ambition, that of the visibility of the legal offer for public service and creation.

I would like to salute the strong will of all the professionals in the sector who have put themselves around the table: Arte VOD, Filmo TV, Canal +, Orange, TF1 VOD, Cap Gemini, Imineo, Pluzz VOD, Wuaki, etc.

I also salute the energy and efforts of each of your teams, and particularly those of the NCC, to enable the birth of this great tool.

Finally, what makes this new public service unique is, finally, its decisive role in the fight against piracy and support for creation.

If I asked the CNC to work with the professionals of the online offer it is because even before developing our tools to fight piracy and sanction illegal offers, it is essential that users can find the quality works they want to see.

The development of the legal offer is the first and most important step in the fight against piracy.

The question of the fight against illegal sites in terms of copyright is of course central.

I therefore asked Julien Neutres to work on a written charter in consultation with advertising stakeholders so that they can engage in a voluntary process of evicting sites that do not respect copyright and related rights.

We are also working with our colleagues at Bercy to develop a charter for online payment players.

And you can count on my full commitment to take these steps to the European level in our discussions on copyright.

This new tool at the service of the public and of creation reminds us that support for creation is a constant struggle: it will mobilize us especially this year as the future of copyright is at stake in Europe. You will find me mobilized alongside authors and artists to defend this fundamental right, which is an engine of creation.

In closing, I invite you to watch the short presentation of this new public service.

Whether one is rather Télérama or Allociné, Première or Sens Critique, whether one is a computer or tablet, website or mobile application, whether one is a film buff or a budding amateur, geek inveterate or simply in search of a film; one will not fail to find thanks to this tool at the service of curiosity and passion, emotion and transmission, all the cinematic memory after a single click, a door open to the formidable vitality of creation in all the richness of its diversity.

Thank you.