Historian, novelist, actor of our political life, Max Gallo leaves an impressive work by its breadth, diversity and depth of view. A rich, endearing personality with many gifts, a successful writer, he loved history passionately and knew how to convey its taste to the greatest number.

A figure of political science, he was also involved in public debate as a member of Parliament and then as a minister. Over the years, his convictions had led him to break away from partisan boundaries to dedicate himself to the ardent desire of a lifetime: the gathering of his compatriots around their history, with the hope that they may be inspired to understand present and future times.

In his essays, his biographies of great men and his vast Romanesque frescoes, Max Gallo knew admirably how to enlighten, explain and recount the stages that led France to become all that it is. His work joins the great story that gives shape to our Republic. We will miss his voice.

Max Gallo