On the occasion of the sixth edition of the Festival «Green Awards» of Deauville, international festival of audiovisual productions for sustainable development and eco-innovations, Françoise Nyssen, Minister of Culture, warmly congratulates Amnesty International Belgium, the agency Doubledouble and the director Laurent Stine, who yesterday received the Special Prize Culture and Sustainable Development of the Deauville Green Awards, awarded by the Ministry of Culture. Their film Eyes in Eyes. Humanity emerges from a glance. Opening our eyes means meeting her» takes up the topic of "Towards a Sustainable World" in an original and creative way.

 Françoise Nyssen also praises the work of directors Clémence Gandillot and Caroline Pauchant, for their short film commissioned by the Sustainable Development Mission of the Ministry of Culture. This film entitled “The sustainable world of tomorrow will be cultural!” received the Special Prize awarded by the BPI/ Public Investment Bank during the closing evening of the Festival, on June 28, to the two creators, both former students of the National School of Decorative Arts.

More information: http://www.deauvillegreenawards.com/