It is a historic agreement that the social partners representative in the field of live and recorded entertainment found last night. For the first time, the law gave them direct responsibility for negotiating in their sector of activity. This agreement demonstrates the ability and determination of the profession to make responsible proposals in the public interest.
The vitality of culture in France is recognized worldwide. We are fortunate to have a unique model that preserves the performing arts and allows artists and technicians to make a living from their professions.

Important advances

This agreement, which should be signed within a day, will make it possible to consolidate the specific unemployment insurance system financially. It is also a clear response to the concerns expressed over the past several weeks by the entertainment professionals. Their demands were heard: the return to the principle of the «anniversary date» for the review of the rights to compensation of artists and technicians, the neutralisation of reductions in compensation after maternity leave or even better consideration of the hours covered by artistic or technical education. The agreement also provides for an increase in employers' contributions, a sign of responsibility given by employers in the sector to the social partners at inter-professional level.
The minister commends the negotiators on both sides for their work and their sense of responsibility.

Active state support for the entertainment sector

This memorandum of understanding must now be the subject of a more precise study, in terms of financial impact, by the committee of experts. It should already represent an important effort, which must be welcomed. As the Prime Minister promised in 2015, a job support fund will also be created for the entertainment sector, with a state endowment of 90 million euros per year. A National Council of Performing Professions will be convened very soon to present the outlines and propose the implementation. To accompany all these measures, the Minister of Culture and Communication and the Minister of Labour, Employment, Vocational Training and Social Dialogue, will sign with the social partners of the sector, a plan for the development of quality jobs in the show.

Finally, in view of the agreement, the theatres must henceforth be returned to the public and not be the place of other claims.