Figures on culture and communication make it possible to measure the richness of the artistic and cultural offer in France, the diversity of French cultural practices and the economic and associative fabric. The 2016 edition of Key figures on culture and communication gives an accurate and documented photograph.

Economy of the cultural field, creation and dissemination, media and cultural industries, financing, practices and uses: the statistical yearbook provides, for each domain, summary data and an analysis sheet, illustrated with graphs and cartographic elements.

The figures show the vitality of the culture and communication sector in France:

  • Cultural territoryFrance is home to more than 1,200 museums, 14,200 listed historical monuments, more than 1,000 listed parks and gardens, 16,300 reading venues, 450 music and dance conservatories, 1,100 public and private theatres and 2,020 cinemas (5650 screens).
  • Attractive territory, France attracts 83.8 million foreign tourists, half of whom mention the cultural visit among the reasons for their stay in France. In addition, nearly four in ten French people have been involved in cultural activities during their tourist trips.
  • Territory of culture lovers, France is recording an increasing cultural participation and a multiplication of modes of access to the cultural offer: physical, online, at home, outside or in mobility.
  • Creative territory that supports employment, France is home to 344,000 cultural enterprises, of which almost half are sole proprietorships and 267,000 cultural associations. Cultural occupations accounted for 579,500 employed persons in 2013. Cultural employment is 645,400, or 2.5% of total employment. France has 110 higher education institutions that train 35,600 students in arts and culture.

Published by the Department of Studies, Foresight and Statistics (DEPS) of the Ministry of Culture and Communication, Key figures on culture and communication is the result of a partnership with the directorates general of the ministry, the public institutions under its supervision, the services of other ministries (Budget, Economy and Finance, including INSEE, Interior, Higher education and Research) and many professional organizations.

In open access, the statistical data are regularly updated on:

2016 key figures, culture and communication statistics, May 2016, €12 - ISBN 978-2-11-128158-5

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