Fleur Pellerin, Minister of Culture and Communication, in agreement with Joël Bruneau, Mayor of Caen, Laurent Beauvais, President of the Lower Normandy Region, and Jean-Léonce Dupont, President of the Departmental Council of Calvados, Philippe Bas, President of the Departmental Council of the Channel, Alain Lambert, President of the Departmental Council of the Orne, gave his approval to the appointment of Alban Richard as director of the National Choreographic Centre (CCN) of Caen Basse Normandie, as of 1er September 2015, to succeed Héla Fattoumi and Eric Lamoureux, recently appointed to the leadership of CCN Franche Comté in Belfort.

With his project "Platforms", Alban Richard proposes a choreographic centre in network for the creation, production and dissemination of choreographic works. It wants to develop its dimension as a training and research resource and make it an open space for all. In addition to hosting companies in residence, he plans, as part of the studio hosting, to surround himself with artists "companions", choreographers, artists-authors, composers, with whom he wants to share his project for his first term.

These companions will be able to multiply the artistic proposals in the territory and will be accompanied by the CCN for the realization of their creations.

The Alban Richard project opens up multiple perspectives for dialogue with regional cultural actors and envisages a strong axis of work between the CCN of Caen/Basse Normandie and that of Havre Haute- Normandy, in the perspective of the constitution of the new Normandy region .

Alban Richard develops a close dialogue between dance and music. Committed to the most diverse audiences, it is committed to taking into account the need to share human and sensitive experiences of citizens through collective projects.

This project was chosen from among five proposals whose commitment and the quality of the submissions were unanimously praised by the jury.