Aurélie Filippetti, Minister of Culture and Communication and Victorin Lurel, Minister of the Overseas Territories, express their great satisfaction at the resumption of the prefiguration process of the Agency for the Promotion and Dissemination of Overseas Cultures-Mer, an agency whose creation was among the proposals made at the Estates General of the French Overseas Territories.

Light structure, this agency should make it possible to promote ultramarine arts and culture in the fields of heritage, performing arts, visual arts, literatures, cinema and audiovisual, to give them a better visibility throughout the national territory, and to include them naturally in the networks of cultural and artistic dissemination. It must thus contribute to the implementation of multilateral projects, from overseas cooperation to overseas, from overseas to France, and from overseas to Europe and the world.

It will also provide support to artists and ultramarine cultural actors in terms of training, information, as well as legal and economic monitoring.

The two ministers sent Greg Germin, President of the Association de Préfiguration de l'Agence de Promotion et de Diffusion des Cultures d'Outre-Mer, and Daniel Carcel, Director, to establish, in conjunction with the Board of Directors, a strengthened team to implement the Agency’s activities. Thus, by the end of 2014, the prefiguration steps must have been completed in order to define the agency’s final status and to develop the best conditions for its partnership with cultural organizations and ultramarine territories.

The calendar of actions foresees in particular, before the end of 2013, the launch of a dedicated website.